Robert Moeller

Speaker, Business Culture Expert & Performance Coach

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Performance Coach, Speaker & Business Culture Expert

For more than a decade, I was a Navy SEAL. Throughout my career, during multiple combat deployments, I developed a systematic way of thinking. A mindset system. 

Simply put your mindset controls everything. From firefights to critical boardroom meetings a systematic mindset prepares you for it all.

After leaving the military I realized my calling was to keep serving. Serving by teaching and helping others learn self-confidence, mindset performance, and purposeful focus. Not just talk about it but actually help you change the whole outlook through unique call to actions. My successes along with the failures will be your classroom with every lesson to help you build your mindset toolbox.


Coffee Mindset Go Top 3 Podcasts


Coaching, the Two Brain Focus

A results-driven coaching program that holds you accountable and drives you to take action for life-changing results.    

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An unconventional thought-provoking speaking experience that will leave you with a deep introspective. 

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Culture Trajectory

A legendary team all starts with culture. Building one is often overlooked but the best businesses get it right and leave a legacy behind.

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